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The Business of Data

Issue 4 (8 November 2018)

How to Build Great Data Products – Harvard Business Review, 30 October 2018
“Products fueled by data and machine learning can be a powerful way to solve users’ needs. They can also create a “data moat” that can help stave off the competition. Classic examples include Google search and Amazon product recommendations, both of which improve as more users engage.”

Web service makes big data available to neuroscientists – Nature, 30 October 2018
“It was the first time that you had data of that quality, at that resolution and scale, where you had the sense that you could build a neural map of an interesting portion of the brain,”

The Chief Data Officer Part 1: Case studies from those on the frontline – Information Age, 31 October 2018
“A trend is emerging, with organisations like Vodafone, Addison Lee and Dyson creating new CDO positions in the midst of what is termed the ‘data revolution’.”

‘Dark Data’ And Why You Should Add A CDO – Forbes, 31 October 2018
“Gartner has taken note of this phenomenon, calling it “dark data,” which they define as “the information assets organizations collect, process and store during regular business activities, but generally fail to use for other purposes.” This begs the question: how can companies take advantage of all their data if they really don’t know what they have or even where it resides?”

Why Now Is The Time For A Data-Rights Movement – Forbes, 31 October 2018
“It is time for a data-rights movement in which we, the denizens of the digital world, collectively demand that our data belongs to us. We should have the right to own our data, control our data, manage our data and, if we so choose, sell, lease or rent our data to third parties. We also have the obligation to do good with our data. In turn, companies also have a great responsibility with respect to our data.”

5 Concepts That Will Help Your Team Be More Data-Driven – Harvard Business Review, 1 November 2018
“The first is learning to think like a data scientist. We don’t speak about this often enough, but it is really hard to acquire good data, analyze it properly, follow the clues those analyses offer, explore the implications, and present results in a fair, compelling way.  This is the essence of data science.”

UK and EU crawling towards post-Brexit data exchange deal – The Register, 1 November 2018
“The UK has reportedly moved closer to agreeing the terms for data transfers with the European Union post-Brexit amid concerns about the impact it will have on business.
According to The Times, citing unnamed government sources, negotiators on either side of The Channel have reached a “tentative agreement” on the exchange of data.”

Cisco report delves into the new data-driven wave of IT management – Silicon Republic, 3 November 2018
“Vice-president of IoT, blockchain, AI and incubation business at Cisco, Joseph Bradley, said: “Gone are the days of IT leaders relying on past monthly reports and hours upon hours of manual operational tasks to deliver results in the face of growing infrastructure complexity.
“Instead, fuelled by data and empowered by automation, IT can operate in real time, be predictive and rely on detailed data to have a true seat at the table, delivering strategic value for their organisation and for their customers.”

How brands can use data to design rewarding customer journeys, post-GDPR – Marketing Week, 6 November 2018
“You may lack personal data on prospects, but you might be able to still find relevant data points, including data from third parties. The key is relevancy; examples include geography, lifestyle or postcode information. But if acquiring enough data is difficult you can use partially addressed mail or door drops, which may not require the use of personal data. But whatever you use, it’s useful to communicate something valuable, such as an offer you know has worked with existing customers and be responsible.”

First Blockchain-based Genomic Data Marketplace Launches – The Scientist, 5 November 2018
“Until now, to buy data that is useful in research and development of new drug therapies and precision medical treatments meant paying whatever prices the big DNA testing companies demand, and without any compensation for people whose data is being sold,” says EncrypGen CEO David Koepsell in the statement, adding that the company’s platform “ensures control and payment for data owners, and creates a new resource for researchers and pharma.”


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