I teach on a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate courses covering the areas of digital marketing, socio-technical approaches to information systems and innovation. I try to bring my classes to life by drawing on real-world examples to illustrate the more conceptual aspects of my teaching. When I was a student I always found classes were more interesting when I could relate the theory to my own experiences. My experience of teaching at the University of Brighton has shown me this approach seems to resonate with students.

I like to challenge my students to look behind the computing technologies we use in our personal and working lives and really think about where they came from and the forces which shape how innovation and technological change occur. I really enjoy seeing students engage with the teaching materials I use in class and watching them develop their critical thinking skills.

Current Teaching

  • Present2016

    LM344 Digital Media Marketing and Innovation

    Final year undergraduate module for media students covering wide range of aspects of digital marketing and the application of innovation models to the media sector.

  • Present2012

    CI350 Digital Marketing

    Final year undergraduate module incorporating technical aspects of digital marketing including SEO, analytics and social media marketing.

  • Present2013

    IDM11 Marketing for Interactive Technologies

    Postgraduate module covering core marketing principles for web and app developers.

  • Present2010

    CI226 Socio-technical Aspects of Information Systems

    Second year undergraduate module introducing students to the economic and legal aspects of information systems innovation.

  • Present2010

    CI465 Working in the Digital Industries

    First year undergraduate module introducing students to the roles and opportunities offered by the digital sector with a focus on helping them develop their academic research and writing skills.

Previous Teaching

  • 20112003

    Knowledge Management (Postgraduate Level)

  • 20112007

    Information Retrieval (Postgraduate Level)

  • 20112003

    Information and Media Law (Postgraduate & Undergraduate Levels)